Almas Mongolian Keyboard Layout

     Here we providing our own Mongolian Input Method and Keyboard Layout - Almas Mongolian Keyboard Layout, which had been developed and used on Apple iOS devices, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch etc. As we know, the smart phone all use the soft keyboard and all of the keyboard separate the Alphabet and Symbols to different pages and switch the pages by one keyboard switch key.
    Although the Windows Vista and 7 installed one Mongolian Input Method and defined Mongolian Keyboard Layout by default. But the Microsoft Mongolian keyboard use symbol key to define the Mongolian Control code like, MVS, NNBSP, FVS1, FVS2, FVS3 etc. If we define the control key same with Microsoft, you have to switch keyboard 2-3 times to input one Mongolian word. For this reason, we defined the Mongolian Control key on Capital A, S, D, F, G. (All of them not used and also it is listed as one line on the any keyboard.)
    More important reason to providing Windows Version of Almas Mongolian Keyboard Layout is to unify the input method on all of the OS and platform to simplify your rememberance.
     Please download and use this input method and keyboard layout freely. If you have any advice and question, please contact us.

     Keyboard Layout

      Note: If you use Windows Vista/7/2008 R2 default installed Mongolian Input Method, please refer Microsoft Mongolian Keyboard Layout