Mongolian Writing

     Font Name : Mongolian Writing
     Font Type : AAT
     Font Encoding : UNICODE
     Font Version : 1.0
     Font Maker : Almas Inc.
     Release Date : 2011/11
     Copyright : Almas Inc.
     License Agrrement : Free for individuals to use, It is not allowed to sale or provide in terms of any kinds of charges.

     Download File

     Download Font File : Mongolian Writing Font
     Font Sample PDF : PDF Sample
     Font Sample Picture : Picture Sample

     Note: This font is for Apple Mac OS X and iOS. If you are using Windows , please download Open Type font.

     If your system can not properly show the mongolian above, please download the font file and install it on your system. If you are using Apple Mac OS X , please download AAT type font. If you are using Windows, please download open type font. If you are using Linux or Unix, you need to find OpenType font rendering engine module to show the mongolian correctly.